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The 21st of November 2017 was the launch date for GlobChain®. GlobChain® is a virtual network connecting logistic service providers, driven by technology and inspired by Globis, a leader in designing software for your supply chain.

GlobChain® is the result of a co-creation effort by several agile tech-companies and industry leading logistic service providers, like Nedcargo and Ewals.

Attendees at the launch event got a boarding pass to tomorrow’s digital supply chain. The event covered the best of enterprise resource planning, the internet of things, blockchain, integration and Big Data.

GlobChain® Launch Event 2017 was an afternoon full of workshops, live demo’s and inspiring speaker sessions about the future of supply chain management. We showed you how to get the right information to the right person, and make the right decisions based on that same information.

More info about the GlobChain® Event 2018 is coming soon.